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People are saying great things about our swim school. Check out these testimonials.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you have done with my kids. The beginning of Term 4 they could hardly swim and K had no confidence now D is swimming the width of the pool and gliding. K is doing so much better with her breathing and jumping of the side!!”

Thank you so much.


“We absolutely love Turtle Swim School! Helene is such a great swim teacher and has really made my boys excel in their swimming. We’ve tried almost every other swim school around Tauranga and Helene is by far the best. She clearly has a huge passion for it, and it shows 🙂

We absolutely love Turtle Swim School.


“My son is making great progress, just the right amount of gentle encouragement and support for a child of his age and lots of fun! Thanks Helene”

Lots of Fun!


“Fantastic, mature teacher. She knows how to make lessons extremely productive and fun. Very impressed with the school holiday program.”

Fantastic, Mature teacher!


“Helene is absolutely amazing! After a not so great experience at another school, my daughter hadn’t done any lessons in quite some time & had lost her confidence with her swimming & with swimming lessons……that is definitely NO longer the case THANKS to HELENE! My daughter has come so far with her swimming after just a handful of lessons (actually within each lesson she usually improves a lot!). Helene is great at seeing exactly what isn’t being done or working quite right & is able to explain things so clearly to her. I love how she pushes my daughter & it definitely boosts her confidence when she achieves something she didn’t think she could do but Helene knew she could.”

Helene is absolutely amazing!


“My 5 year old has had a fear of water since breaking his leg at the age of 2. We heard great things about Turtle Swim School, so we booked our 5 year old into 2 full week intensive swimming classes, followed by 2 private 1:1 lessons. At the beginning of classes it was difficult to get our son in the pool and even the bath at home. By the end of the private lessons our son was fully submerging himself into water happily and in a result is water confident and has found a new hobby. Helene is amazing. She has a warm and inviting nature, not to mention a whole lot of patience! She has a wonderful approach with children and develops trust with them in no time. I highly recommend Turtle Swim School to anyone looking for water safety / water confidence and swimming lessons for their little ones.”

I highly recommend to anyone looking for water safety / water confidence


“So stoked to see him do two full lengths with breathing today… haven’t seen progress like that in such a long time! I also haven’t heard the end of the requests for us to get a pool like yours haha.”

Haven’t seen progress like that in such a long time!


“Before coming for swimming lessons my child would not get in a pool. Thanks to Helene he now loves the water and has gained a lot of confidence in the water as well. I am confident that he will become a stronger swimmer with his lessons. It’s so good to see that each week he is becoming more and more confident.”

Now loves the water and has gained a lot of confidence


“Hi, Helene. I am amazed at how my child was able to achieve such progress for the time being. Thank you very much!”

Able to achieve such progress



Turtle Swim School offers affordable swimming lessons in Papamoa and Tauranga. You or your children will learn to swim with an award winning, highly experienced and qualified swim teacher.
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Our swimming lessons run from:
• 120 Pacific View Road, Papamoa, Tauranga
• Toi Ohomai Aquatic Centre, 70 Windermere Drive, Poike, Tauranga

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